About Us

Have you tried to navigate the myriad of confusing information about every day products? Did you end up with a headache? We sure did!! Taylor Natural have taken the hard work out of making the change to low toxic/chemical free products in your home.
Kelly Taylor has been an industrial fire fighter and paramedic for 18 years. Throughout her career, she has seen firsthand the effects of chemical exposure and is passionate about educating and empowering people to reduce their chemical burden. As a mum of two young children she knows full well how tough it gets in the “mummy trenches”. Kelly has a light hearted, practical delivery style that has you feeling comfortable, informed and empowered.

We personally road test all our products on ourselves and our family prior to offering them to you so you know they have been put through their paces against the daily challenges little kids throw up (sometimes literally!).

When you attend a workshop or purchase our products, you are not supporting a big multinational company, who has a team of boffins to befuddle you with jargon. You are supporting a family who are 100% committed to supporting you on your low tox journey.